Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions hereinafter referred to as the ‘terms’ will be deemed to have been accepted by you when confirming your order with Tiggity Boo on payment of the deposit. These terms shall prevail over any other document or communication and Tiggity Boo reserves the right to change our terms at any time. Any changes will come into immediate effect on publication on the Tiggity Boo website. All orders placed with Tiggity Boo will be subject to these new terms. Tiggity Boo reserves the right at all times to cancel an order at any stage.


All quotes will remain valid for 3 months from the date of the quote. Such quotes are also protected from any price changes during this time. Any additional items or changes requested by you after will be charged at the price prevailing at the time of your request.

Lead Times

Please allow up to eight weeks from placing your order to the delivery of your stationery. We endeavour to complete all orders as soon as possible so turnaround maybe sooner. However we are always mindful that in a number of situations, a quicker turnaround may not be achievable, particularly for more complex orders or during peak event periods or where items must be sourced from third parties. Tighter timescales may be accommodated at the discretion of Tiggity Boo but will incur an express fee which will be added to the quote. For stationery required to be used on the day of the event, Tiggity Boo require a minimum of one month’s notice prior to the advised event date (or specified date by which you wish to receive your stationery, whichever is the earliest). All final details must be sent to Tiggity Boo prior to this date. Any later and Tiggity Boo cannot ensure that your order will be ready in time for your event.


Tiggity Boo is happy to provide samples for a flat fee of £4 per sample which is payable prior to dispatch of the sample and we will endeavour to dispatch samples within 14 days of your request. These samples are for personal viewing only and may not be copied, duplicated or used in full or part thereof without the consent in writing of Tiggity Boo. See also copyright provisions below.


You should order all of your required stationery at the outset to ensure that we can book space in our schedule to ensure production of all requested items can be completed in an orderly manner prior to the specified event date. Please also note that whilst every effort is made to ensure continuity of your stationery, if your order is placed in stages, such continuity cannot be guaranteed. When ordering your stationery, please ensure you know what information you will need to be incorporated within your stationery together with the number of any inserts. Changes at a later stage may not be possible or may incur extra charges and/or delay production of your order. Should late changes be made, Tiggity Boo cannot be held responsible for any delay in your order being completed.

When ordering your stationery required for use on the day of your event, an approximation of expected numbers required must also be provided. This number may be adjusted by up to 25% either way once you have your final number requirement. A decrease in more than 25% in the final order requirement will incur a £50 additional charge to reflect loss of time booked from our diary and materials cost. Confirmation of your final number of items required, invitee/guest names and all other supplementary information (eg: menus) is due one month prior to the date your order is required to be available. It is unlikely that it will be possible to make changes after this time due to time constraints.

Payment, Cancellations and Order Checking

Upon approval of the quote, a deposit of 25% of the total quoted cost is required before the commencement of any work. An invoice for the deposit will be issued by Tiggity Boo along with confirmation of your order. 

You are required to carefully check and confirm your order by email or in writing within 24 hours, including any changes to quantities or design you require along with your deposit payment. The acquisition of materials to complete your order will only take place after payment has been received (and cleared) and therefore it is unlikely that amendments can be made after this time without incurring extra costs and changes to the quotation. 

For orders requiring save the date cards and/or invitations only or for use of on the day of the event stationery only, the remaining 75% balance with any adjustments will be required prior to the commencement of printing/manufacture. For full stationery suite orders, an interim payment of 50% of the balance is due prior to the commencement of printing/manufacture of the invitations with the final balance of 25% payable along with any adjustments prior to the commencement of printing/manufacture of your for use on the day of the event. All payments due will be requested by invoice and payable on receipt of the invoice. All costs quoted are payable in pounds sterling (GBP) either in cash, cheque or by bank transfer. Where such payment has been made by cheque, please allow an additional period of five days for bank clearance before printing/manufacture of your stationery requirements can commence. 

Tiggity Boo cannot be held responsible for any delay in manufacture due to late payment. All items remain the property of Tiggity Boo until payment has been received in full. In the event of an order being cancelled, all work completed or materials purchased for your bespoke order that exceed the deposit amount must be paid for, in which event a supplementary invoice will be issued required payment upon receipt. In addition, should you request cancellation 30 days or less prior to the date required, full balance of the payment will be required.


Where issues arise outside of your control due to the pandemic, Tiggity Boo makes every effort to accommodate changes wherever possible. We ask that you advise Tiggity Boo of any event date changes as soon as possible to ensure that Tiggity Boo can accommodate any postponements or any other such changes required. For events which are postponed, Tiggity Boo will move the date without charge or increase(s) in costs to your original quote. Any new item(s) added to your order will reflect the pricing current at the time such new item(s) are ordered. In the unlikely event that Tiggity Boo is unable to fulfil your order for the new date, you will be contacted immediately. In such cases Tiggity Boo will seek, where possible, to provide you with a suitable alternative for your consideration. 

Should you be required to cancel the event due to Covid-19 related government health measures, then a refund will be given, less the value of any services already received or materials purchased specifically for your order. Any work undertaken or items purchased which exceeds the payment(s) already received will be payable by you and an invoice will be issued accordingly.


Due to the bespoke and personalised nature of the products Tiggity Boo offers, it is not possible for refunds to be provided.  Any defects or errors with products must be reported to Tiggity Boo by email within 24 hours of the products being received by you. After this time, the products will be deemed to have been accepted by you. In the event that the error reported is an error by Tiggity Boo (eg: it differs from the guest list provided or wording which differs from the proof as approved by you) the item(s) affected will be replaced. In these circumstances the item(s), in their original packaging, must be returned before amendments are made. Should the error be that of Tiggity Boo then postage costs will be refunded and no additional charges made for the replacement item(s).  Replacement items will be sent out as soon as practicable with due recognition to the event date.

NOTE: Replacements will not be made if the goods contain errors but are as ordered by you. It is therefore essential that you ensure all information and guest names given to Tiggity Boo are correct at the time these are initially provided. Tiggity Boo accepts no responsibility for checking your spellings and is not responsible for undertaking a spell check on stationery wording that you have provided.


Tiggity Boo will supply digital proofs for your approval and acceptance in order for you to be satisfied that the proposed items are in accordance with your requested requirements. Any number of revisions may be requested to this proof it will only be possible for Tiggity Boo to supply one further proof. Any additional revisions required after issue of the final proof will therefore be at your own risk and the responsibility of Tiggity Boo. You are responsible for checking all wording, spelling, grammar and punctuation on the proofs and samples to ensure that it is as you ordered. Should any changes be required or errors identified following printing/delivery on a proof(s) which had previously been approved, then for any remedial work and/or replacement of items, where adequate time is available to revise and/or replace such items, additional payment will be required.

Supply of Information

You are responsible for ensuring that all information, including name spellings, sent to Tiggity Boo is correct. Tiggity Boo accepts no responsibility for checking spellings that you have provided and is not responsible for undertaking a spell check on stationery wording you have requested. Printing may begin as soon as information/guest lists have been received and therefore no amendments can be accepted after such information has been received by Tiggity Boo without extra charges being incurred. 

Third Party Copyrights and Permissions

Tiggity Boo cannot be held responsible for obtaining copyright permission(s) for the use of hymns, songs, poems, readings, imagery or any other such material(s) used or specified within your event stationery. You are responsible for correctly obtaining all required copyright permission(s) for such material(s). Furthermore, you hereby agree to indemnify Tiggity Boo against any action for breach of copyright of such material.

Disparity and Condition

Tiggity Boo endeavours to maintain uniformity throughout each order however, as all stationery is bespoke and handmade, it is possible for subtle variations to occur between item(s) and to any samples previously supplied. Where such subtle variations have occurred, the item(s) is not deemed by Tiggity Boo as faulty or requiring replacement.  

Tiggity Boo is not responsible for the natural deterioration of products over time, including the natural tarnishing of alloys and metals within the embellishments. Tiggity Boo recommends that the correct numbers of individual items are ordered in one order and although we make every effort to ensure that any subsequently ordered items are as close as possible to the original ordered items, slight differences may occur. In this event such item(s) will not be deemed as faulty or requiring replacement by Tiggity Boo. 

Once stationery is received by you, all risk of damage or loss of the product(s) provided is no longer the responsibility of Tiggity Boo. Tiggity Boo ensures that all orders are dispatched in perfect condition and Tiggity Boo will not be held responsible for any damage once it leaves our premises or during any subsequent posting of items (ie: posted by you to your guests). It is your responsibility to ensure all item(s) remain in good condition by ensuring suitable storage conditions, including flat storage in a dry room temperature environment. For example, if exposed to damp or very hot/cold conditions, or through the placement of additional weight(s) thereon, stationery may become warped or damaged and this is not the fault of the Tiggity Boo.


You are more than welcome to collect orders from Tiggity Boo at a mutually convenient time. Alternatively, orders are dispatched using either the Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ service or via a courier service whereby a signature will be required to confirm receipt of delivery. Tiggity Boo will advise on delivery charges on request.

Unless you have otherwise advised and received subsequent acknowledgment by Tiggity Boo in writing, all deliveries will be sent to the invoice address previously specified. Tiggity Boo will inform you of the date of dispatch and provide you with the tracking number if applicable. You must make all reasonable endeavours to accept the delivery. Should the delivery be returned to Tiggity Boo due to your unavailability to sign for the order, you will be required to pay another delivery charge for the order to be re-sent. Tiggity Boo cannot be held responsible for delivery delays due to circumstances outside of our control, such as postal strikes or adverse weather conditions. Tiggity Boo shall not be liable for any losses, damages or expenses incurred by you arising out of any such delivery delays or damage or loss sustained during transit.

Force Majeure

Tiggity Boo shall not be responsible for any delay(s) or failure to perform its obligations if such delay(s) or failure(s) is caused by events or circumstances beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to acts of God, war, fire, strikes, failure of communications or computer systems, shortage or unavailability of raw materials, or extreme weather. In such circumstances Tiggity Boo shall use reasonable endeavours to perform its obligations as soon as is reasonably practicable but accepts no liability to compensate you for any loss or inconvenience arising from such delay or failures described above.

Copyright & Data Protection

Any imitation of sample or product ordered is a breach of copyright and as such legal action will be taken in all cases of unauthorised reproduction. Tiggity Boo reserves the right to use images of your stationery on our website and social media platforms. Where such items are shown in publicity material, no reference to names will be made, unless authorised by you.

Tiggity Boo will not share your personal details with any third party and will not send you any marketing material unless it has been agreed by you to do so. Tiggity Boo is fully GDPR compliant and as such in ordering our services, you acknowledge and provide your consent to our storage and use of your personal data only for use to administer your enquiry or carry out the services required. Your data may be held for up to 2 years. Tiggity Boo will remove all data upon request as required by GDPR. You can be notified of the data Tiggity Boo holds for you or request its removal on request.