Neutral colour scheme

Choosing a Colour Theme

From the bridesmaid dresses and the groom’s tie to the flowers and the chair sashes, weddings are all about colour (well, that and… love!).  But how do you choose your colour theme?

Inspiration can come from a variety of places a favourite colour, team colours or for true fashionistas, the latest Pantone colour (in case you were wondering, this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is Classic Blue). You may even be influenced by the decor of your chosen venue, or maybe even the season you are getting married in.

Pinks and purples in their variety of shades are perennially popular wedding colours, but thinking outside the box and looking at how colours can work together can create a truly unique theme for your wedding.

It’s also worth thinking about the atmosphere you want to create. Mood and theme, whether vintage, classic or contemporary, are inextricably entwined in your choice of colour. A fun festival ambience just lends itself to bright and vibrant hues, whilst a more elegant feel oozes colour that is rich in depth and maybe a flourish or two of gold.

However, you may decide against any specific colour and look instead to using a combo of neutrals such as ivory, cream, and white which teamed together, can work to fabulous effect offering simplicity, and an understated elegance. If you’re worried that sticking to neutrals could look flat or uninspiring, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Introducing texture with flowers, stationery, fabrics, tableware and finishes will add depth and replace the key element that colour offers.

Creating your colour palette is key. One of the first questions the majority of suppliers from the florist and stationer to the cake designer and venue decorator will ask you is you about your colour theme. So, once you have set your colour palette, the rest of your wedding planning will fall much more easily in to place.

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